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Glider is a transcontinental recording project between Billy Mahonie frontman Gavin Baker, who lives in London, and Below the Sea drummer Pascal Asselin, who lives in Quebec. The pair were actually introduced via email by a third party (representing a third country!), Arne Kittler of the German band Jullander. After some written and telephonic conversations, they decided to begin sending tapes back and forth. Ah, what heady technological times we live in when such miracles are possible! Before long a sound coalesced, a bucolic ethereal sound based, not surprisingly, around delicate drum tracks and warm ambient electric and acoustic guitar, often treated with some gentle atmospherics.

The two men didn't actually stand in the same room together until after releasing their first single, Glider Songs, in the summer of 2000. A year later, the duo put out a full-length on Montreal-based Where Are My Records, aptly titled With Ocean Between. In 2002, Glider returned with a remix album, Sand from Water, featuring reworkings of their songs by friends like Couch, yellow6, Below the Sea, and Tarentel, plus a pair of new Glider tunes. Most of the tracks on this release take the duo's pastoral instrumental compositions deeper into the realm of ambient electronic, while retaining some of their organic feel. Glider does gives the impression of being a side project, but that's really all right here; if you're in the market for this kind of music, you're probably not looking for bold substance, but rather pleasantly exotic aural textures intriguingly rendered, and that's precisely what Glider delivers.