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Brothers Stephane and Boris Magnin formed the distinctly new wave-influenced band Hiccups in the late '80s. Drummer Stephane and guitarist Boris were joined shortly thereafter by a classically trained pianist, Lionel Croissant, and a bright young bassist, Olivier Mamet, who coined the band's name. While Mamet has since departed to pursue his own botanical interests, the group went on to support major acts such as Echobelly, Blur, Welcome to Julian, and the Little Rabbits. In '97, Julien Borle stepped in to take Mamet's place on bass, and Ginkgo subsequently reinvented their sound with the help of samplers, synthesizers, and an array of keyboards.

Taking advantage of the late '90s electronic music boom in France, Ginkgo worked closely alongside up-and-coming French DJs to hone a sound that falls somewhere between the refined funk of Rinocerose and the deft downtempo of Alex Gopher. Their '99 EP, Error 129, Reboot?, garnered rave reviews in the French music press and received regular airplay on the nation's airwaves. Then came their '01 debut album Eskimo Point, an 11-track foray into catchy Balearic house ("A New Life"), spunky disco house ("W.Y.S."), and smooth downtempo breaks ("Easy"). "A New Life" was subsequently licensed to the Wagram Music double CD compilation Paris Lounge, alongside tracks from Troublemakers, Llorca, The Mighty Bop, Playin' 4 the City, and Sporto Kantes. "Eggs" was subsequently licensed to Wagram's '02 follow-up, Paris Lounge 2, alongside cuts by the likes of Etienne de Crecy, Shazz, Readymade, and Alex Gopher. With their catchy pop ethic and resolutely underground sound, Ginkgo could be the biggest to come out of France since Air leaped into the limelight.

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