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Get Hustle

The Get Hustle could easily be the Devil's resident lounge band, but in fact, they ply their twisted craft in Los Angeles (some of you are no doubt wondering what the difference is). The members of this trio are masters of the art of sonic deconstruction. Violent deconstruction. Maybe we should call it dismemberment. Their music is a devastating collision between loose-limbed agro-punk and rambling, drunken cabaret jazz. There's some swinging piano, but it's played so chaotically you can almost see the blood smeared across those 88 keys. The guitarist sounds like he's playing with a broken bottle; the bassist could be rubbing the flat of a butcher knife across his strings; the drummer plays like his pants are on fire. Above the din, vocalist Valentine issues curiously calm declamatory vocals that only hint at the oceans of hysteria that lie beneath. Just the thing for Satan's nightclub, right?

The band's other official members are Ron A and Mac Mann, both of whom did time in San Diego's late great punk monster Antioch Arrow. The Get Hustle released their first two efforts, a self-titled seven-inch and the And Now We're All Gone EP, on GSL Records. Both were released on CD as Earth Odyssey by Kill Rock Stars' experimental sister label, 5 Rue Christine, in 2000. "Charles Bronson" comes from Slowdance Records' live compilation, Che Fest 1999.