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Geoff Farina

You may know Geoff Farina as the longtime frontman for the prog- and jazz-inspired indie rock band Karate and the morose folky pop group The Secret Stars. Well, when he's just being Geoff Farina, he's closer to his Secret Stars self, but he takes the quiet, downcast ethic a bit further, stripping things down to his moody voice and loose guitar figures. His first solo album, Usonian Dream Sequence (1998), was essentially a collection of personal songs he'd been playing with on a bedroom four-track for the previous few years. The follow-up, Reverse Eclipse, mostly born from Farina's daily free writing sessions, featured more of same, but also some more ambitious guitar noodling and jazz-derived chord progressions. "Eventually," a graceful piece featuring voice and acoustic and electric guitars, appears on Kimchee's In My Living Room compilation of songs intended for comfortable domestic consumption. His third solo album Blobscape is Farina's most abstract work. He assembled it by working out over a hundred recordings on the guitar while his Secret Stars bandmate Jodi Buonanno was painting. The two then drew inspiration from each other's ideas to finish their pieces. Farina then selected 16 tracks for the final version of Blobscape, creating a meandering and abstract jazz-based guitar album.