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Gene Defcon

Gene Defcon is the original good time rock and roll party band, centered around and named after the man, the myth, the legend, Gene Defcon himself. Defcon grew up in a small Texas town, the story goes, and left his sheltered home to attend college in 1995. Overwhelmed by all his new experiences, Defcon lost himself in a whirlwind of partying. Somewhere in this alcoholic haze, he met up with bandmate-to-be Nick Nax, and the rest is musical history. Since then, Gene Defcon has scored a job at K Records, honed his musical craft, and released several cassettes and seven-inches on Business Deal, Lookout!, and K Records.

With the help of friends from Tight Bro's from Way Back When, Bikini Kill, Mocket, Bangs, Frumpies, and Prima Donnas, Defcon crafts irresistible pop songs that combine lo-fi fuzz, hardcore ragin', and a healthy dose of the ridiculous. On the full-length CD Come Party with Me 2000 (K Records), Defcon and company romp through 45 songs about the holy party trinity of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. With tongue planted firmly in cheek (though it's difficult to say which cheek), the band deftly skewers New Wave, indie rock, and '70s glam stereotypes without ever sacrificing their straight-up rump-wiggling dance fever. The result feels like a cross between Atom and His Package, The Shaggs, and Beat Happening: it's silly, saucy, and instantly hummable.

"Have a Good Time," the featured track, perfectly sums up Gene Defcon's mantra: "Let's go to the party and have a good time!" Amen to that.

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