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G.D. Luxxe

Vienna-based Gerhard Potuznik has as many side projects as there are letters in his name. He has recorded solo as Potuznik, Gerhard Deluxxe, and G. D. Luxxe, is also a member of Maeuse, Private Lightning Six, and Cube & Sphere, and has collaborated with an extensive list of electronic artists including such luminaries as Solvent, Patrick Pulsinger, Tunakan, and Solvent.

Potuznik's latest release, Vendetta, contains a collection of material dating from 1986 to 2002. Reworkings of old tracks blend seamlessly with new material as the '80s new wave electro vibe is piled on thick. But this EP doesn't simply nod to early '80s New Wave, it is a direct continuation of that scene. From the lyrical content (provided by Potuznik himself) to the dark brooding mood, the five-track EP is very reminiscent of early Depeche Mode, Dead or Alive, or New Order. Kraftwerk-esque synth hooks and electro beats compose catchy pop songs. Fans of the period will enjoy.

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