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G.D. Luxxe & Solvent

Snow Robots Volume 2 is a retrospective compilation CD from Canada's Suction Records, run by "robot composers" Solvent (Jason Amm) and Lowfish (Gregory De Rocher). A perfect representation of Suction's classic but evolving sound, Snow Robots pays homage to the mothers and fathers of New Wave: New Order, Depeche Mode, OMD, Human League, and Soft Cell (to name just a few). The CD is a collection of Suction's out-of-print vinyl releases from 1999 and includes some new and exclusive tracks from other artists.

Solvent's pairing with G.D.Luxxe is a match made in heaven. G.D.Luxxe is the solo project of Gerhard Potuznik, an active musician in Austria for over twenty years. In early 1999 Potuznik released two full-lengths, Concorde (on the Viennese label Cheap), and Submission (on London label Breakin). In addition to squeezing out a couple more 12-inches for Breakin, Potuznik found time to produce a few tracks with Germany art-riot grrl group Chicks on Speed, then finished his strongest work to date, a 12-inch for Interdimensional Transmissions entitled The 20th Door, released in the spring of 2000. This dance floor-ready EP consists of six tracks of club-dazed, overdriven vocal electro with heavy synth-pop tendencies. The work is focused and nicely balanced, a sound that instantly appealed to Amm and convinced him to contact Potuznik to start an international collaboration.

The Snow Robots collection also includes tracks by tinfoil teakettle, a Solvent and Lowfish collaboration.

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