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During their brief existence, Gauge was overlooked and underappreciated, but they created some remarkable arty, emotional punk rock. This music has the permanence and weight of all truly high-quality art, which pretty much guarantees that this band?s name will never be forgotten -- at least not by the privileged few who have had the opportunity to listen to the music. Gauge's two-guitar-bass-and-drums lineup may have been conventional, but their raw, post-hardcore sound was anything but; their angular, staccato attack, passionate, vulnerable intensity, and overall chemistry make the music utterly distinctive. Gauge's unique emotive art-punk sound helped shape a dynamic Midwest music scene that was simultaneously producing the likes of the Smoking Popes and Cap'n Jazz. Members of Gauge went on to form Joan of Arc, Euphone, The Heroic Doses, Radio Flyer, and The Kiwi Waltz, among others, which may give you some idea of their legacy. Tree Records has released I, a 23-song collection of out-of-print Gauge material (it includes "Softy" and "Lock-Switch Former"), so you too can have the privilege of listening to this brilliant too-often overlooked band.

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