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Like so many in the New York underground music scene these days, Galvanized draws heavily on the legacy of the early '80s, but the Lower East Side quartet achieves their own unique brand of smirking groove-heavy electro-pop alchemy. The recipe is built around the slashing rhythms of British art-punk, with guitar figures that sometimes recall Wire's three classic late '70s albums (notorious Wire copycats Elastica also offer a fair point of comparison), and the robotic keyboard vamps of American New Wave, a la the The Cars. Singer Dahlia sews up the disparate elements, commenting on a commodified, sexualized world sucked dry of emotion in a detached but declamatory sing-speak that fits the quartet's style perfectly. Galvanized balances danceable catchiness and abrasive noise, just as they balance tongue-in-cheek irony with real menace, never letting the listener completely pin down their agenda or their aesthetic. The group recorded its self-titled debut LP in 2001 with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Psychedelic Furs). He worked with the band again on their infectious, attitude-drenched 2002 EP, Stripped.

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