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Gabriel Rene

Together with his younger sister Gina Rene, Andy Caldwell, and Mei Lwun Yee, Gabriel Rene is one fourth of the San Francisco deep hip hop/jazz/house combo Soulstice. Their music expertly fuses older jazz and blues influences with modern day dance floor sensibilities. It has won the hearts of the more discerning future-music connoisseurs, and has succeeded in catching the attention of Om Records, who duly signed them for a multiple album contract.

Rene also records under four different pseudonyms. As he puts it, "Almost nobody does this broad a range of music. I'm doing hip hop, trip hop, breakbeat, house, drum and bass, and soul." More recently he has delved into the world of deep house with his catchy soulful number, "Don't You Cry," a track which employs the timeless vocals of Nicole Weisberg and comes with an excellent remix by Seasons and Under The Counter favorites Natural Rhythm. "Absynthesis," on Om Records, is a profoundly deep downtempo track with jazzy percussion, slow-diving hip hop beats, and a smoky backroom vibe.

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