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Future Hits

Matt Baron teamed up with Emma Hospelhorn (Hollows, New Millennium Orchestra) and Ben Sutherland (assistant professor of audio arts at Columbia College) to form Future Hits. The band exists as a natural extension of the music Matt started writing for teaching with at Chicago Public Schools. Future Hits recorded their debut album, Songs for Learning, with Mark Greenberg (Coctails, Wilco, Andrew Bird).

Uniquely adaptable for a classroom, library, or rock club setting, Future Hits defies the laws of family music. Future Hits spawned from a lightbulb moment by rock musician, Coach House Sounds founder and Chicago Public School teacher Matt Baron.  Since March 2011, Baron's method of imbedding creativity and culture into the classroom with fuzzy, poppy tunes has evolved into over forty songs as well as performances outside of the school setting.

Future Hits' songs are steeped in educational standards, yet mellifluous fluting from Hospelhorn and uptempo drumming from Sutherland don't make it obvious upon first listen: spelling words, literacy themes, Common Core standards and social emotional learning outcomes are ingrained in the lyrics.  Activities, differentiated assessments, and lesson plans were also developed; the music and materials can be used inside or outside of a school to enrich and accommodate any child’s learning or life experience.

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