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Four Head

DJ Foosball is a sporting soundclash of pop sophistication and nasty drum and bass riddims. A very psychedelic '60s organ grind (Hammond? Farfisa?) does the shimmy with sweeping, filtered Amen-style breaks and a few pulses of harmonic subbass. Fourhead, the artist known otherwise only as Mike, has recorded other more indie pop-oriented projects as Monorail and Pantone.

This sublicensed track from Clairecords' first release was taken from Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 8, Darla Records' cute way of saying hello to many of its future fans. This quaterly serial release from Darla compiles selections from not only new Darla releases, but also new releases from the best and brightest of Darla's affiliate labels, including Fuzzy Box, March and Le Grand Magistery, as well as any other new good stuff Darla deems worthy of praise.

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