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Imagine the injustice of the The Beach Boys residing in Detroit or the Swans laid out in the Hawaiian sun. Fiver too depends on its surroundings, properly existing only in the sun-drenched, laid-back atmosphere of inland California, where breezy pop fills the air like. Well, they could also probably blend into the ranks of the Elephant Six down in Athens, Georgia pretty darn flawlessly as well. Songwriter Dave Woody claims to like Neutral Milk Hotel "more than anyone else in the world," and it shows as Fiver puts together psychedelic blippy '60s type recordings that owe much to his favorite band, and other similarly minded groups like Elf Power. Fiver approaches melody playfully, like their mentors Grandaddy, whose frontman Jason Lytle produced Fiver's first album, Eventually Something Cool Will Happen. Both groups hail from in Modesto, California, by the way. And just so you know, Fiver is named after one of the rabbit characters in Watership Down, not the fact that there are five members. There actually used to be six, but the numbers dwindled before their second album, Strings For Satellites, produced by Kyle Statham of Fuck. The track "Buildings and Homes" is from Fiver's excellent third album Here It Comes.