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Firing Bullits

Richard Starke was born in South Hampton and now resides in Seattle where he concocts some of the freshest experimental breaks this side of the pond. Starke is no new-comer to the world of production: he founded his first band at 15 after playing the guitar for only two years. After a brief signing to Giles Peterson's highly eclectic Acid Jazz moniker, Starke struck a deal with the High Llamas Sean O'Hagan. That in turn led to his full-length project Gideon Gaye.

At this time he felt the urge to record something new. Not finding any likeminded musical mates in Seattle, Starke opted to use the late '90s musician's best friend: a Pentium 166. He downloaded and bootlegged software, and mixed in a 10-year supply of thrift store classics to create the music you have before you. Welcome to the new breakbeat sound of Firing Bullits.