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Fireballs Of Freedom

Man, if you ever make a date to fight someone, make sure to listen to the Fireballs of Freedom first, 'cause this stuff gets you charged to the point where you don't even feel the pain anymore. This is psycho psych, completely savage monster rock that sounds like the evangelical Motor City hard rock sound of MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad, sped up and made tougher and even more ferocious. This foursome's music is all about Kelly Gately and Von Venner's trebly, drunken, Blue Cheer-ish guitars, which fight each other, rage and moan, and generally run amok. Troy Warling is responsible for the fiercely punk rock, borderline-incomprehensible-but righteous-as-all-get-out vocals, while drummer Sammy James takes care of the pummeling.

These boys got started in the sleepy college town of Missoula, Montana, of all places, though they have since moved to Portland. They've put out a pair of full-lengths: '98's New Professionals and '00's Total Fucking Blowout, the latter of which houses the two featured numbers, "Don't Take My Freedom" and "Dirtbox." Truly this is the sound of a messy bar brawl that's gonna result in a lot of black eyes, fat lips, and missing teeth. The Fireballs of Freedom sound savage, ruthless, and very very crazy.