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Final Conflict

Final Conflict has been disseminating their message of nonaggression and tolerance through the medium of aggressive, go-for-broke punk songs for a decade and a half now, and they're still going strong with a slightly different lineup. They're hailed as giants by political punk bands everywhere. You can hear their influence in the sound of younger political bands like Litmus Green (who are produced by Final Conflict singer Ron Martinez), and out-of-control San Diego art-punk bands (in fact, Ron from Antioch Arrow is now Final Conflict's drummer).

There's good reason for their legendary status. Their huge, roaring sound is upon you before you have a chance to think, like a punk rock tidal wave, full of the debris of psycho guitars, impossibly fast drums, and ravaged vocals that seem stretched to the breaking point. You have no choice but to succumb to this impossibly powerful musical entity, and once you do, you're inundated by strongly pacifistic, anti-government lyrics. In short, they employ an apocalyptic sound to warn that the apocalypse is coming and that it?s our own fault.

The anti-nuclear song, "Constant Fear," comes from Final Conflict's huge 1985/'86 release Ashes to Ashes. Recorded at the peak of the Reagan/Thatcher years at a time when the Cold War was still very much a reality, the record's fierce entreaties for social justice and an end to violence remain just as relevant 15 years later.

The anti-suburbia song, "Institution," comes from 1997's Rebirth.

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