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Fila Brazillia

Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry are Fila Brazillia and that's about all we need to know. The music speaks for its self and that, it seems, is the way the band likes it. An underground following is building for this group, who may be known more for their remixes than actual album recordings on the U.K. label Pork. This will change! Remixes for the likes of Radiohead, Busta Rhymes, Unkle and Mixmaster Morris (complete listing can be found at to name a few have resulted in tracks that always bring a new twist on the original. Their remix of "Awesome Wells" turns the song into a down tempo shuffle full of the funk you would expect from a Fila mix! Check out their new label Tritone and web site at You can even peep a 360-degree view of their stuido set up.