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The electro bubblegum pop genius of Figurine is the product of three high school friends with an insatiable affection for the catchy new wave of the mid '80s. Known simply by their alter egos of David Figurine, James Figurine , and Meredith Figurine, the trio started writing songs when David and James began programming catchy pop songs on their computers. Asked about their early aspirations, James replied, "When we started Figurine, we just wanted to be Depeche Mode.

James and Meredith play out the boy/girl relationship in every verse with a classic call-and-response vocal delivery, sharing their heartfelt feelings over layered and programmed pulses. Built on electro-styled beats, squelchy leads and chunky analog bass synths, their sound is a melting pot of eighties new candy coating and the post-electronic backwash of Autechre and Aphex Twin. David and James enjoy a certain amount of experimentation in their compositions, creating an interesting hybrid of forward-thinking techno and retro discothéque dance floor movers.

Their appropriately titled debut album, Transportation + Communication=Love, was released in 1999 on Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club and contains the songs "An Electronic Address" and "New Mate." "Virtual Reality Suit" was previously released on a limited run cassette-only compilation.

In the summer of 2001 Figurine released their sophmore album, The Heartfelt, on March Records. The Heartfelt expands Figurine's electronic horizons by taking a bold step away from the heavy retro influences of their debut album to further fuse their marriage of experimental electronic freedom with simple sing-along pop. From The Heartfelt we feature "IMpossible," "Way Too Good," and "Bonus." Figurine loves you.