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Fascia are that little clique of black-wearing hipster post-rockers at your local film school; a band created by four Information Age artists pursuing somewhat disparate goals, yet somehow staying together to express visions and visual imagery via dope-style stereo sounds of today.

When you listen to Fascia, you hear shimmering, crystalline ambient rhythmscapes and pristine synthetic washes accompanied by live instrumentation. Drummer Chandler Rentz and guitarist Todd Kitchens produce tracks in a studio that probably contains a phonograph and a collection of dub, drum and bass, and Tangerine Dream records. These tracks then become templates or palettes for Rentz's tight, disciplined sorties and Kitchens' watery, droning splashes.

When you see Fascia, as many in the Atlanta area often do at indie film festivals, gallery openings, and clubs, you see the crossfaded, super-imposed Super 8 and video projection remix collages of Honnie Goode and Elizabeth Nayadely, accompanied by a live band (Rentz and Kitchens, of course). Fascia are the super cool home-entertainment multimedia audio visual consumer product of the future. They are the band, the band's music videos, and the band's live stage show all in one and all at once.

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