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Farm Team

For those who are afraid to rock, you'd best dig out the earplugs and lock up the liquor cabinet, 'cause the gents from Farm Team are gonna rock your ass like a hurricane. Their guitars roar and howl with a holy rage that is mirrored only by their disheveled, torn-apart vocals. This band doesn't care about being nice or playing by the rules. They're the big bully on the playground who took your four-square ball away from you. This is sweaty, ballsy, raucous rawk that will cut your legs out from under you. This is music that just says get out of my way.

Farm Team was formed from the remnants of assorted now-defunct bands in 1998 in a Chicago basement. They recorded Four Times Stronger/Free Uniform in the fall of '98 and spring of '99. They claim to be the saviors of rock music. They may have just cause for making that claim. Decide for yourself.

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