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Slow and steady is the way she travels through her beautiful sheet music. Elisabeth Wood and a rotating cast of musicians is the quiet storm that is Fancie. Wood, the driving force, has a soft and kind voice that is as soothing as warm syrup in you ears (I would not suggest testing that analogy, just trust me and the syrup on my kitchen floor). Off of the ever-unassuming Hush Records, Wood's first release A Negative Capability is a pleasant glimpse of a complex and melodic songwriter. This effort was recorded, methodically, over a nine-month period at Hush HQ studios in Oregon. After giving Fancie a good listen, I would wager a guess that the cool, rainy Oregon winter had a deep effect on the tone and mood of the disc.

Drawing from her roots as a singer in a Latin Church Choir, Wood combines floating melodies with complex lyrics about faith, sex, politics, and even funnier topics. The delicate strength of her voice and songwriting is reminiscent of Cat Power, PJ Harvey, or Tori Amos. The combination of heavy lyrics and mathematical song structure will sell you on first listen. The odd tuning of her finger-picked guitar will keep you coming back.

Wood's perfectionism has yielded an easily consumed lo-fi gem in a sea of over-produced, over-hyped indie rock albums. Let's hope the rest of her efforts display the same honesty and complex charm.

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