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Errortype: Eleven

Errortype: Eleven got started in the insular Long Island street-smart hardcore scene, and the scathing energy of that sound still defines the group, to an extent. But over the years, the group has evolved from nihilistic aggression to inciting its listeners to come on feel the noize. Yes, that was a Quiet Riot reference. No, I don't mean to suggest that ET11 is a silly hair rock band. Yes, I do mean to suggest that they sport a healthy streak of tuneful heavy metal thunder. Fronted by the charismatic Arty Fletcher, ET11 takes a tack similar to melodic post-hardcore powerhouses like Jawbox and Quicksand. Except these guys are cheesier. They've got a smoking sound that would do just fine on hard rock radio. The key components: Fletcher's oh-so-sincere, ultra-anthemic, cultivatedly ragged caterwaul, dual Van Halen guitar riffs, clean production, and lots of sensitive moments in between the lighter-waving choruses. Make no mistake about it: ET11 is out to rock you like a hurricane (remember the Scorpions?). Prepare yourself.

For your information: Errortype: Eleven debuted in 1997 with an eponymous LP on New York-based Some Records. In 2000, they followed up with Amplified to Rock (again on Some), which includes "I'm Alive" and "Better Than the Superbowl." In between, the band released an EP on Crank!, appropriately enough titled The Crank EP. "I Wonder How (To Make It Real)" and "Language of Your Own" are the opening tracks on that five-song affair.

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