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Erector Set

Erector Set is the product of idiot savant extraordianaire Retaard Spoilage (Tom Crouse), and the beatwiz renegade producer/engineer known as Vein (Brett Lee). Hailing from a burgeoning music scene in Columbia,SC, these institution-escapees turned rock gods offer forth their debut LP The Indifference Engine on Ghengis Records. At times, hypnotically plodding, the rhythmic sensibilites are noticably industrial, searing distorted kick-drums that sound like a patch-cable on fire run into a mixer with Jack Daniels spilled across the controls. The guitars and bass pierce the ambient sound vapour pouring forth from the oversized bass cabinets, with effect laden guitar lines sparse and Slint-like. Erector Set erupt from the apocalyptic refuse of mainstream industrial plagiarism with a conniving and seductive collection of songscapes that you must permit to pierce you...

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