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The Enemymine EP opens with lilting bass and delicate drums, with nary a hint of the power that is to come. Within seconds of beginning, "trcr" bursts forth from the speakers with raw, muscular rock power. Burly low end explodes with heavy metal fervor. After hearing Enemymine's aural assault, it should come as no surprise that bass player and vocalist Mike Kunka has done time with the loudest band on earth, Godheadsilo. It may, however, be a shock to learn that bassist Zak Sally also plays in the decidedly polite space pop trio Low.

Regardless of the members' histories, Enemymine's direction remains clear: this is loud, unabashed melodic war, guaranteed to rattle your walls and your nerves. You won't be completely swept away in a torrent of sound: there are moments of subdued indie rock lurking between the walls of metal. Before you can get too comfortable in these lulling troughs, however, Enemymine turns the volume back up to 11, and carries you away in a rushing, cresting torrent of sound.

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