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Like the name suggests, Encore's primary aim is to leave you wanting more at the end of each track. The Northern California-based MC was playing at that game for years, releasing a track here, a 12-inch there, never quite satiating his fans' desires for a whole album. He first jumped on the scene with the help of Peanut Butter Wolf. He recorded "Think Twice" for P.B. Wolf's '96 EP Step On Our Egos? for South Paw Records. He dropped two 12-inches and provided the b-side flow for Rasco's "Run the Line" 12-inch, all on Wolf's Stones Throw label. After two more singles on Certified Records, he achieved nationwide recognition with "Waterworld" on the critically acclaimed Handsome Boy Modeling School full-length. Finally, after many years of work, he dropped Self Preservation, his first solo album, on 75 Ark.

Encore has always preferred consistency in his tracks, so it's not surprising that his long time collaborator Architect has provided almost every beat he's laid lyrics. Their partnership provides chemistry sorely absent from many hip hop tracks.

Encore has always been fascinated by ancient studies and makes frequent allusions to his interest in his rhymes. A thinking man's MC, he has a knack for pairing tongue-twisting rhyme patterns with lyrics of great depth and insight.

"Defined By The Dollar" is a featured track from Asian Improv Music's Elephant Tracks, a compilation designed to highlight Asian American identity in hip hop music and culture whose proceeds benefit the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliances (APISA).

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