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Electrostatic is an underground electronic/dance band currently based in Los Angeles. This three-piece consists of Mike Thibeau on bass, keyboards, and programming, Rob Gardner on drums and programming, and Karoru on vocals.

Mike and Rob are both East Coast natives who grew up in southern Maine, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers in music. After playing in numberous Los Angeles-based rock bands, Mike and Rob combined forces to form an electronic-heavy industrial rock band in 1995. After the band's breakup, they decided to change the emphasis of the music towards a more dance-friendly sound. They wanted the electronic element to take center stage.

The original idea was to have several vocalists sing over different instrumental dance tracks. That all changed when they met Karoru, a singer-songwriter from Japan who had originally moved to Los Angeles with an all-female band. After hearing Kaoru sing a few times, the two producers knew they had found their singer. Since the early recordings Kaoru has developed into an important part of the sound that is Electrostatic.

Despite their long hours in the studio, Electrostatic is very much a live band. During the live show, you won't see two guys turning knobs behind a wall of equipment while the singer takes spotlight up front. Mike plays bass live and uses a variety of effects from wah-wah to heavy distortion. Rob's live drumming complements the layers of drum loops coming through the speakers.

In December of 1998 Electrostatic signed on to and quickly became one of the most popular bands on the well-known website. Their songs have already been downloaded over 130,000 times and the band has done quite well with CD sales for their three releases: Sensitive Electronic Devices, Unreality, and their more recent Remixed CD.

XLR8R Magazine gave Electrostatic a thumbs up in a recent issue. The band will two of their songs on an electronic music compilation, Variations 02 on LOUiPiMPS Records which should already be out with national distribution.

The members of Electrostatic have been involving themselves more recently in other projects such as remixing songs for other up-and-comers like Red Delicious and Sterling.

Electrostatic are now writing and recording new material in their Los Angeles studio for a release scheduled early next year and are currently searching for record label support. The band also performs monthly shows in the local Los Angeles nightclubs.

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