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Electric Six

Born from the ashes of Detroit's now defunct Wild Bunch (no relation to the Bristol based sound system), Electric Six's sound owes as much to the spandex-born arena rock of the '80s as it does to its more intellectually resonant, and irony-laden contemporary influences. What appear on first listen to be nonsensical lyrics gradually reveal thematic links to such troubling societal ills as pyromania, nuclear holocaust, and dance floor dystopia. Similarly, rampant solos, be they guitar riffs, synth wails, or strutting drums, assist the group's six members as they grope their way back from the other side of a cheese laden abyss.

Vocalist Dick Valentine, guitarists The Rock and Roll Indian and Surge Joebot, bassist Disco, and drummer M all adhere to concept band personas and tailor their energetic sound's nuances as carefully as their stage presences. Yet the music is at times incredibly infectious. Electric Six's debut album Fire is as solid a package as that of the most sock-stuffed underpants, with the single "Danger! High Voltage!" channeling Falco via AC/DC, while the Dead Kennedys-esque riffs of "Gay Bar" underscore Valentine's breathless and direct invitation out for a one-sided night of homoerotic destruction.