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Electric Birds

Flapping about under the pseudonym Electric Birds, Mike Martinez has flown in to perch on your hard drive and transmit waves of pulsing, vibrating beauty. Electric Birds' organic electronic music focuses on texture and mood, evoking nocturnal moments, arctic glaciers, desert suns, and decaying urban environments. Using computers, keyboards, guitars, and found sounds, Electric Birds makes compelling, layered compositions that steer clear of MIDI-based predictability but still flow, demonstrating their maker's knack for rhythm programming and ear for intriguing texture. Like Nobukazu Takemura, labelmates Matmos, and Mouse on Mars, Electric Birds' songs teem with multiple ideas, patterns, and structures: tranquil tones shift gears into frenetic, chattering techno and delicate guitar figures traverse digital collages.

"Parallelogram," from Martinez's self-titled debut, is similar in feel to the work of minimalist Steve Reich, combining elements of Reich's "Six Marimbas" with complex and constantly shifting drum programming. "Avocet (Panorama Mix)," featured on Electric Birds' second full-length, Panorama, echoes this approach. The track opens with something that sounds like an electronically generated gamelan troupe before moving to a gently shifting breakbeat. "Floatilla" is an unreleased song that features live guitar samples and complex glitch-work ala Oval or Kit Clayton. Be sure to check out the Deluxe Records web site for additional exclusive downloads.