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Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the nom de pop of one Ben Wheelock, a young man with a remarkable understanding of both the pop hook and the importance of synthesizer. Wheelock, the son of a classical composer, began studying music at an early age. This experience helped him to master many different instruments and gave him the tools needed to lock himself in his apartment and record some songs. The resulting album, Eiffel Tower, is an irresistible blend of lo-fi fuzziness, pop catchiness, and New Wave booty shakin' with splashes of Red Red Meat's down-home scruff and Grandaddy synth-heavy indie rock. These are unpretentious little songs that creep into your dancing bones and get you grooving to the synthesized drums, fuzzy keyboard, and earnest vocals. Like the structure that is its namesake, Eiffel Tower is a grand and stunning production.

"Off Again," "Cannibalized," and "It's A Fall" all come from Eiffel Tower's self-titled debut album on Monitor Records (2000).

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