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Influenced by artists from the Chain Reaction label camp and early Orb, EBLAKE has a soft spot for spacious minimalism and focuses on stripped down, catchy rhythms. A calming, thumping pulse is prevalent throughout his work, layered with natural ambient sounds from distant congas, pianos, guitars, woodwinds, and other acoustic chamber instruments. Blake Davis does his best to keep the sounds fresh from track to track while still maintaining his characteristic "chamber-house" lushness. Much like Harold Budd and Brian Eno, Davis keeps the focus on melodious atmospheres, moving away from the overly complex, bombastic approach that seems to plague so many of his abstract contemporaries.

"La Luz" is found on Limit, EBLAKE'S debut, released in May 2001 on Deluxe. "Good Morning and Welcome" is an unreleased, exclusive track. Be sure to check out the Deluxe Records web site for additional exclusive downloads.

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