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Lucas Rodenbush (E.B.E.) is the Bay Area's hottest young producer. Now in his early 20's, his music has been featured on established independent labels such as Yoshitoshi, Soma, Yellorange, and Plastic City. At 19, E.B.E. turned down a long-term record contract with a well-known New York label because he wanted to be able to grow musically, free from contractual obligations. Instead, he launched his career on the San Jose techno label Solid Trax, which he now helps manage. He has also appeared on Resource Records, alone and with partner in crime, Arturo Garces.

E.B.E.'s first Grayhound EP, The Incidental Tourist, reveals a depth of musical understanding beyond his years. "Held Over" comes in two classic tech-house mixes, each of which contains stark, deep rhythms that will electrify lethargic dance floors everywhere. "Going Home" pays homage to the house sound of yesteryear and features classic, late '80s synthesizers layered over deep house beats. Rodenbush also shows his strengths with "Malfunkt," a fine appearance on Resource Records. Ripping techno rhythms, chunky percussion, and sharp angular stabs of sound abound. E.B.E. offers a refreshing musical sensibility in today's formulaic sea of deep house.