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Montreal dwellers Oliver Sasse and Aaron Siegner, have been DJing under the name Double A & Twist since the early '90s. Coming from a predominantly house-oriented city, they had to build their own drum and bass scene by throwing parties and importing some of the bigger U.K. names such as Grooverider, DJ Rap, Phantasy, LTJ Bukem, and Bryan Gee. In '94 they took up producing and it didn't take long for them to attract the attention of the hungry label bosses at New York's Sm:)e, who released "Border Patrol." In '96 Dune released "The Blade/Imported" and "Pentagon City/Keep On" on Basement Records, both of which are now considered to be landmark releases by minimal drum and bass heads.

It wasn't until '98 that the boys set up their own label, opening with the self-produced "Midnight Run/Wireless." Since then the label has risen to fame with releases from Jason Mouse, Atlantiq, and Signal to Noise. Dune have also had tracks and remixes licensed to major label Warner Brothers, and to Breakbeat Science, New York's favorite drum and bass-only record shop and label. "Angelfish" released as one of four tracks on the Surface To Air EP, employs their trademark floor-friendly beats, surreal chord washes, and undeniably funky kicks. "Contact" licensed to Breakbeat Science is deep and abstract, purpose made for the forward thinking DJ. "Robot Rock", "Yes Man", and "Thinking of You" are brand new tunes freshly handed off to us from the Dune headquarters. If you want to hear the boys in effect behind the decks then check the Montreal Mix Sessions compilation. Released on, Turbo Recordings, one of the world's finest underground labels, the mix features cutting-edge tracks from the likes of Foul Play, Red One, London Electricity, and Digital.

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