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Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The story of this collaboration, according to Dub Narcotic Sound System's Calvin Johnson, is that it was the Blues Explosion's payment for services rendered, namely Johnson's remixing work on the Blues Explosion's '95 Experimental Remixes EP. In exchange, Jon Spencer and Company took a couple of days off from a '97 tour to hang out at Johnson's Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, during which time they all got together and played a bunch of mostly improvised low-rent white funk that would become the Sideways Soul record.

Jon Spencer was once the frontman of the legendary D.C. trash-rock outfit Pussy Galore, and Johnson is a former member of underground pop auteurs Beat Happening and remains the head of the widely-revered indie label K Records. So part of the joy of listening to Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion comes from the sheer absurdity of hearing these two longtime luminaries of independent rock trading freestyle rants and hollers over the Blues Explosion's loose-limbed, groovadelic garage funk. You almost feel like you're listening in on an impromptu after-show jam session at one of the band's houses. It's messy, frenetic, a little ridiculous, and pretty damn entertaining.

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