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Dub Addxx

There has long been a reggae community in California. Perhaps it has something to do with Humboldt County's notorious agricultural industry. Perhaps it stems from the legendary Talkin' Blues sessions of Bob Marley and the Wailers, recorded at the groundbreaking radio station KSAN FM in San Francisco in the early '70s. Or maybe it began with a historic, prophetic public address given by Emperor Selassie I himself at UCLA in 1968, later immortalized by Marley in the '76 anthem "War." Even though California's Jamaican immigrant population is a fraction of that of East Coast port cities like Miami and New York, California has long-boasted a major reggae scene. Roots, dub, ska, and even dancehall call California home and perform at massive events like Reggae On The River (Laytonville) and Reggae In The Park (San Francisco).

Enter the Dub Addxx. Featuring session veterans of the Soul Syndicate, Lambsbread, and the H.R. band (to name just a few) the Dub Addxx righteously continue to create the classic reggae sound: tight, high-tension riddims, blaring horns that echo the songs of Biblical times, and the deep dark soul of dread troubadors like Mr. Majestic and Papa Dread. The studio blessing of the visionary Ismael Clermont, the band's guitarist and producer seals their covenant. Give Thanks and Praise to the Most High before downloading.