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Drums and Tuba

When you think "tuba," do you think of high school marching bands? The Dirty Dozen Brass Band? Polka? Well, Drums and Tuba (originally known as Just Drums and Tuba, they had to change their name when they added a guitar player) aims to shatter those preconceived notions with their funky blend of rock, jazz, psych, and a really rockin' tuba. Their songs are by turns funky, spacey, and downright weird, blending the eponymous instruments with guitar, trumpets, alto sax, and vibraphone. Members of Drums and Tuba have even been known to play more than one instrument at the same time!

If you're a fan of the tuba (and who isn't?), you're guaranteed to love Drums and Tuba. But if you're not a tuba fan, don't despair: there are enough all-around great musical influences at work here to satisfy even the most jaded music listener. Hints of Medeski, Martin and Wood, Stereolab, Spaceheads, and spy movie themes collect and collide in their songs, creating a heady brew that's both down-home and out-of-this-world.

Drums and Tuba began playing together on the streets of Austin in 1994. They spent several years spread out across the country (in New York, Chicago, and Austin) before they relocating to New York City. T.E.C. Tones released their first two albums, 1997's Box Fetish and 1998's The Flying Ballerina, which My Pal God as Water-Damage Re-Issues in 2000. "Carrots" comes from Box Fetish, "The Inspector Returns" from The Flying Ballerina. My Pal God also released Drums and Tuba's Flatheads and Spoonies in 1999, featuring "Dr. Small."

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