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Drive Like Jehu

It is impossible to speak too highly of Drive Like Jehu's first (self-titled) record. When it was released in 1991, there was absolutely nothing like it, except maybe Pitchfork, founding members Rick Froberg and John Reis's previous band.

Every member of the band displays his musical genius on this one. Especially amazing are the performances of drummer Mark Trombino, who went on to produce hit records by Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, and Less Than Jake; and guitarist Reis, who soon became the frontman for the equally-acclaimed Rocket from the Crypt.

Drive Like Jehu constructed timeless works of pure anger and sweat in such a majestic fashion that their records come across more as a movement from a symphony than just a bunch of great rock songs. With two brilliant albums (their second was 1994's Yank Crime), the band sparked the San Diego emo/punk/indie rock explosion that put tons of great local bands on the map. Reviewers still constantly mention Drive Like Jehu, since today's bands often emulate their sound and aesthetic. If you haven't heard them, their records are an absolute necessity for any collection.