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The energetic DJ DRC has thrown her hat into the production ring, giving back to techno the inspiration it has given her to become a long-standing (about seven years) fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area techno scene. That she was listed in Sweater magazine's Top 100 DJs of 1998 only confirmed what many know already: she is a legend throughout the U.S., Canada, Holland, Germany, and Eastern Europe. Others who may not know of her mixing talents or reputation will recognize her as on of the knowledgable and helpful staff people at BPM Records in S.F. DRC's record collection has doubtlessly influenced her production style: lean, clean, and mean. Beats are minimal, imperative, forging the way for dark icy synth washes and tight, lucid bass lines. Styles change course in mid-track: driving speed-garage-stylee techno gives way to drum'n'bass-inflected breakbeats, refrigerated tech-house fusion melts into flanged electro funk breaks. Sampled voices narrate and eerie electronic noises tell of deep space travel and orbital docking manouvers. Every DRC track tells a story that starts off with something like "a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." and ends in a place of her own futuristic imagining.

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