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Dr. Oop

A long time ago, Chuck D. said that hip hop is like a lay-up line, you wait around long enough, and you'll get your turn. Just don't be throwin' up no bricks. Well, Dr. Oop, aka Droop Capone, has waited patiently for years now, and lately he's been getting shots, making sure that all his hard work was not in vain. As part of the Black Love crew, the husky-voiced MC has been working L.A.'s rough underground for years now, and has only recently been putting out 12-inch singles that have been distributed on a national level.

It looks like the wait's been worth it, as evidenced by Oop's old-school flavored "Run This," from the Connect the Dots compilation. Along with his SoCal potnas People Under the Stairs, Dr. Oop has earned his time in the underground limelight, and is set on making the most of it.

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