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DJ Tee Bee

Since first surfacing on the drum and bass circuit, DJ Tee Bee (aka Torgeir Byrknes) has set a new pace for the drum and bass movement. Although he resides in Norway, Tee Bee has enjoyed considerable success with London labels Rugged Vinyl, Moving Shadow, and Certificate 18, as well as U.S. label Thermal Recordings. Tee Bee is worried about what could happen to drum and bass if it fails to reinvent itself, so he challenges himself and the world to a new sound that is unpredictable and fresh. It's not what fans want, but what they need. Tee Bee explains, "When myself and (production partner) K started making music we wanted to push ourselves that little bit further. Though people want those hard beats and bass lines, we try to do it with a twist. Every little hi-hat and snare is in there for a reason rather than just for the punch of it."

Tee Bee's production studio is known as Black Science Labs, a name that suits his music well. With his first album release, he has appointed himself as the Black Science Labs tour guide. The journey begins with the dance floor brainteaser "Space Age," and immediately pushes into uncharted drum and bass territory. Asian-style instrumentation, lush flutes, guitar licks, and abrasive beats that culminate in apocalyptic sci-fi explosions all harmoniously coexist here.

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