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DJ Rush

If you're stalked in your dreams by a mad, 6'6" DJ-cum-producer, with a penchant for banging techno, chances are you've been to one too many DJ Rush shows. DJ Rush -- born Isiah Major -- is responsible for making some of the hardest, fastest, downright nastiest techno-house from his three homes in Chicago, London, and Berlin.

Born in Chicago, Rush entered the clubbing world at a young age. It was at legendary Chicago clubs such as The Ringzone, Playground, The Candystore, and The Music Box that he developed a taste for electronic music. He soon began tinkering with equipment in his bedroom, releasing his first audio assault, "Knee' Deep," in '91 on the world-renowned TRAX imprint. One year later, his second release ("Childs Play") opened the floodgates for him to travel Europe as a DJ, where his flamboyant style and outlandish dress sense gained him many followers.

Since then, Rush has gone on to release finely crafted techno tracks on labels such as Dancemania, Relief, High Octane, Force Inc, Djax-Up-Beats, Cosmic, Mental Groove, and more recently, Charlie Hall's revered Pro-jex imprint. His debut full-length, Shall We Dance comes at the perfect time for a genre that is in dire need of a good injection of energy. Standout tracks "Freaks On Hubbard," "Little Bitty Boy," and "Sweet Muzik" blend elements of jackin' Chicago house and tough Berlin techno to perfection. As an added treat, we have the Killa Bite remix of "Look and See," a track that received widespread support from techno DJs across the board.

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