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DJ Fast Eddie

DJ Fast Eddie needs no introduction. At least, not for anyone who has tracked house music since the mid-'80s. He is as integral to the house movement as Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, and Kevin Saunderson. Why? In the early '90s, in the wake of acid-house, Eddie and his Chicago counterparts pioneered a new musical genre they coined hip-house. By fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming, Eddie set the standard for this new genre, challenged only by Doug Lazy and Tyree Cooper. With that in mind, you might be surprised to hear Eddie's essentially deep, moving house for Real Estate. "Encore" and "Solar Soundscape," both taken from Future House Society Vol. 2, fuse acidic synths with deeper house grooves. A million miles from "Yo Yo Get Funky," "The Whop," "Jack To The Sound," and "Hip House," but not quite so far from "Acid Thunder."

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