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DJ Design

The last half of the last decade of the twentieth century brought hip hop full circle in one respect: the DJ re-emerged at the forefront. The last five years have been a turntablist renaissance; for the first time in fifteen years the operators of the ones and twos have a chance to shine in the spotlight usually dominated by the MCs. Turntablist crews such as the Invisible Skratch Piklz and the The X-Ecutioners (formerly X-Men) have become celebrities, achieving worldwide recognition through creating music by manipulating vinyl, touring extensively, and producing both recorded, orchestrated turntablist albums and instrumental beat records for DJs on labels such as Dirtstyle, Asphodel, Bomb, and Stones Throw.

DJ Design is one of those who has taken advantage of his time in the sunshine. Design is currently the DJ and producer for the Bay Area crew Foreign Legion, formerly of ABB Records. He's also produced tracks for the Beastie Boys and Stones Throw brethren Peanut Butter Wolf and Rasco. "What It's All About," one of Rasco's singles from the Time Waits For No Man LP, is a trademark Design joint. With Gather Round, he gives his beats the center-stage they've been waiting for. The results are bangin', extremely funky (greasy, finger-lickin' funk guitar samples abound on this album), and rump-shakingly consistent with his previous work. Good for any occasion, it's perfect for that after-work chill out with a favorite cocktail, or as an extra clip of ammo for your next DJ battle.

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