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DJ Dara

DJ Dara is widely regarded on both sides of the pond as the number one drum and bass DJ in the U.S. Every weekend his name appears on flyers across the globe and he is one of the few stateside deck-technicians who is regularly invited to showcase his deft mixing skills in London.

Hailing from Ireland, Dara moved to the U.S. in the early '90s and instantly became involved in the NYC underground dance movement. In '96, together with DJ DB, Paul Morris, and Sean 'Shooter', Dara opened Breakbeat Science, the first drum and bass only record store in the U.S. The instant success of the store led to the birth of two in-house labels, Breakbeat Science Recordings and Orgone. Breakbeat Science's first release came from Montreal boys Dune and was a smash hit with drum and bass DJs across the board.

In '97, Dara released his debut full-length release Rinsimus Maximus through Sm:)e Communications, swiftly followed by Halfway Home on the same label. Moonshine Music were quick to recognize Dara's talents and duly signed him for a mix CD entitled From Here To There. In addition to all this, Dara finds the time to host the weekly web-TV show Velocity on which he interviews key figures in the drum and bass scene from all around the globe.

"Possession" and "Duplicity" (remixed by Certificate 18 man Klute) form the third release for the Breakbeat Science imprint. "Possession" is a tight rolling two-stepper with icy chords and infectious progressive synth loops. The Klute remix of "Duplicity" is cold abstract drum and bass science at its finest. Dara proves once again that (even without his dreads, which were sadly lost to the barber in early '00) he is the man to watch in the U.S. drum and bass scene.

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