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DJ Dan

'99 was a great year for DJ Dan. He watched "That Zipper Track" stampede up the dance charts and remain there for an eternity. Then his DJ career catapulted through the roof with countless gigs across both Europe and the States including a monthly residence at New York City's premier club Twilo with Carl Cox. But wait. Let?s take two steps back.

A native of Olympia, WA, Dan grew up with nine brothers and sisters. He attended his first rave in '91 and the rest, as they say, is history. One year later, together with L.A. DJ Ron D Core, DJ Dan launched No-Doz, a musically diverse club that set a new standard for after-hours parties. He soon grew tired of the L.A. scene and moved north to the Bay Area to align himself with the prolific promotions team the Funky Tekno Tribe. By now, DJ Dan was a regular name on U.S. fliers and his reputation stateside was impeccable.

DJ Dan's international profile expanded exponentially with the release of "Loose Caboose," the classic track he co-wrote and produced with Jim Hopkins under the Electroliners guise. The single was picked up by XL Recordings in the U.K., which led to a fruitful partnership between DJ Dan and famed three deck wizard Carl Cox. To date DJ Dan has remixed projects for fellow Moonshine artists Keoki and Cirrus, and is currently working on new remixes for Carl Cox, Deep Red and Freestylers. His latest project is Funk the System, a 14-track album released on Moonshine. One of the hardest working DJs in America? Probably.