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DJ Abstract

Widely acknowledged to be a key player of the West Coast drum and bass scene and recognized as a member of the Phunckateck crew who put it in gear in San Francisco, DJ Abstract (aka Alex Posell) is a top authority on the genre. His much-in-demand talents as a DJ have taken him all over the U.S. and abroad, his writing for XLR8R has provided a respected critical voice and filter for DJs and fans alike, and more recently, his tracks have mashed up dance halls across the nation. Abstract's plates are even receiving heavy rotation and nods of approval from some of the U.K.'s more famous D'n'B selectors such as DJ Rap and Dom (of Dom & Roland).

The Abstract sound is distinctly fat. Bass lines tower over the mix, like ancient statues -- massive, imposing, and unflinching -- while tight, precise breaks perform polyrhythmic rituals around them, expressing the mathematical cycles of celestial bodies. While many dance music critics (and artists) take great pains to adhere to the rigid categories of rhythm and style, DJ Abstract instinctively travels his own path. The result is almost perfectly balanced drum and bass: tech-step purged of excessive snares, cymbals, and contrivance; combat-ready jump-up stripped of its derivative, juvenile reliance on hip hop sampling. Abstract's breakbeat manifestoes bear similarity in spirit and aesthetic to the new school four-on-the-floor minimalism of the twin tech-house entities of Detroit and Chicago.

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