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D.I.Y. Dub Club

As legend has it, D.I.Y. Dub Club was started by a mysterious girl named Georgie, a singer and law student at Tuebingen University in Germany. Georgie had posted an ad seeking electronic music producers to accompany her vocal stylings. Computerized beat heads Carsten Bauer and Sticky Ricky answered her ad, and the three decided to work together. Carsten and Ricky's initial collaborations gelled into the Dub Club, and the two never saw or heard from Georgie again.

Unlikely as it may seem, German musicians, producers, and music fans have long held an affinity for African music and black American music. The echo-heavy drum and bass of D.I.Y. Dub Club, permeated with reggae style and African flavor, testifies to this affinity. Though their production talents are electronic and therefore defined by studio efforts, the pair has always had an eye toward exploring and developing the possibilities of live performance. Their monthly live jams at a small night spot in Tuebingen have been known to include African djembe drums, digeridoo, and violin in addition to DJ cuts and samplers.

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