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Disco Inferno

Yeah, this is a history lesson, but it's a necessary one for the definition of a currently useless term: "post-rock." Now it means noodling twin basses, excessive percussion, and a teetering stance above the abyss of Chick Corea. Simon Reynolds coined the term in the early '90s to describe the fascinating experiments between traditionally postpunk arrangements and the advances in sampling and electronics made by the more abstract schools of techno (lumped under the misguided term "ambient," but that's another history lesson). To illustrate this new term, Reynolds described the bands Main (Robert Hampson's electronic disintegration of the incendiary psyche rock of his other band, Loop), Seefeel (A Venusian electronic dub of the sleepy My Bloody Valentine sound), and Disco Inferno.

While strongly rooted in the bleak Factory sound of bands like Joy Division, Section 25, and Crispy Ambulance, Disco Inferno's Ian Crause was captivated by the The Orb electronic manipulation of natural sounds to create their mind-blowing techno. In Debt is the collection of Crause's earliest experiments using MIDI-driven sequences on his gossamer guitars. These tracks do carry a lot of the shimmering darkness which clad early 4AD bands like In Camera, Dif Juz, and even Modern English, but they comprise some of the greatest forgotten recordings of the '90s.

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