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Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter. Where do you start? This man has made his mark on so many clubs and labels, it's difficult to know where to begin. The beginning would probably be a good place. Growing up in the western suburbs of Chicago, Carter took a keen interest in music at an early age. In '86 he started tinkering with equipment, producing tracks, and shopping them out to labels of the time, including Transmat, SRO, and finally KMS, for whom he produced a cut under the guise 24-7-365.

It was with Mark Farina and Chris Nazuka and Tim Shumaker that Carter would produce his first big release, under the pseudonym Symbols and Instruments. The track was well received in the U.K. by more discerning dance music aficionados and helped galvanize his reputation as an up-and-coming producer. From this platform, Carter went from strength to strength and is now widely regarded as one of the premier deep house DJ in the world alongside Kenny Hawkes, Mark Farina, and Pepe Bradock.

Carter's releases can be found on labels such as Organico (as Sound Patrol), The End (as Tone Theory), and of course the London-based label he runs with Luke Soloman, Classic. In addition, he has had mixes commissioned by U.K. dance publication Mixmag and South London tech-house/deep house imprint Pagan. As you can tell, he's a bit of a star. The Fred Everything remix of "Life Is Like A Circle," released on Bombay Records, combines deep graceful chords with gritty beats and solemn male vocals. This is the music that you pray for on the dance floor. "Do You Believe?" and "Where You At" are taken from Carter's '02 solo album Squaredancing In A Round House on his own Classic imprint.