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Departure Lounge

The U.K.'s Departure Lounge may be named for an airport waiting lobby, but their music is far prettier than anything you'd ever hear or see in an airport. Formerly known as Tim Keegan and the Homer Lounge, the band makes lovely dewy-eyed emotional pop music that sometimes recalls the sweet melancholia of vintage Crowded House, New Order, and The Church. Singer Keegan has long been a collaborator of quirky folk-pop troubadour Robyn Hitchcock, and you can also hear some of Hitchcock's influence in Keegan's unabashedly pretty voice. Departure Lounge released its critically acclaimed debut album Out of Here (featuring Hitchcock and Drugstore's Daron Robinson on a few songs) in the U.K. in the summer of 1999. It included the original version of the song heard here, "Disconnected."

Departure Lounge's new U.S. debut, Out of There, is a kind of sister album to the first one, a seven-song EP featuring all new songs, including two remixes by the Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde and a remix of "Disconnected" by French downtempo DJ Kid Loco. Loco's atmospheric retooling of the song is gorgeously evocative, highlighting the tragic emotion and sense of overwhelming alienation in Keegan's voice.

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