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Del Rey

Del Rey officially began in 1997 with the migration of three East Coast kids to the Midwestern metropolis of Chicago (they'd been attending school at Oberlinwhere they found their fourth member), where they found their fourth member. Well, the move made sense, 'cause gosh darn it if they don't sound like they're from Chicago. They've got a positively Chicagaphonic approach to music making. Meaning what, exactly? Well, that they take a page out of the ol' Tortoise playbook, showing a predilection for intertwinings of panicky guitar and funky bass, plenty o' drums (two kits), some light synths, some jazz dynamics. Del Rey's cerebral improvisational wanderings are consistently intriguing, though; while they've got all the hallmarks of Chicago instrumental post-rock, the quartet nicely complements those elements with real spacey electronic glitchery and compelling polyrhythmic drum patterns. Plus, the quartet clearly has a nice feel for playing together.

Del Rey's initiation rite into the Windy City experimental rock mafia was their 1999 four-song CDEP, which the members put out themselves. In late 2001, they followed with their debut full-length, the eight-song Speak It Not Loud. Expect these young men are sure to offer more intriguing instrumental music in the years to come.

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